Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh Canada!

Today I got an email from my Vancouver girl! My dear friend, Nikki, is doing well visiting family and I am over the moon to hear that my godson is a healthy butterball at 4 months old!!

She will be so proud to know that this past weekend I tried butter tarts for the first time in my life and I am hooked!!! There is a Canadian in H's class and he used to be a pastry chef and brought these amazing butter tarts to the house this past weekend. I could not believe my mouth! When I asked him for the recipe he said, "lard, sugar, butter". I then quickly said no thank you to the recipe and resign myself to no more butter tarts unless in the presence of a Canadian. My hips thank me....

Tomorrow we leave for San Diego to attend Charlotte's memorial service and the spreading of her ashes. I'm looking forward to seeing our friends but so sad for the occasion. I'm just happy that we are able to be there for them.

G is a bit reluctant about his stay with friends. At first it was a resounding "no thanks" but day by day he's come around. We've left him for a weekend before and he did great so I'm not particularly worried. I know H and I will miss him like crazy over the weekend but we both felt like it was best to leave him at home. G knows about heaven and understands that Charlotte is there now, but I still think that at his age there is only so much he can understand and may not act appropriately at the service. To G heaven is one big party with the Lord and he talks about it often. It is difficult to explain how those of us left behind are sad when all he's been taught is the joy of eternal life in Heaven with our Creator.

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redmaryjanes said...

Your daughter is truly a beauty!

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