Friday, May 18, 2007

Let's Talk About Nothing

I have the sudden urge to escape from reality and dish about my shows. After the past few days I have found that, today, I need to think about a whole lot of nothing. Did anyone else in the free world just hate the way Grey's Anatomy ended their season? I mean-come on people. It felt like watching a train wreck and then you wonder-did anyone make it? I absolutely adore this show and the side plots and actually am looking forward to the spin-off for Addison's character. Maybe I'm romantically optimistic but the Burke/Christina wedding disaster threw me for a loop. As did Meredith's character who decided she was ready to "be there" again yet when it came time for big commitment, again, she flailed. She crashed and burned. They have had two seasons to straighten her out and allow her to grow up and have her attitude match her college education. Where else can she go at this point? I am actually rooting for McDreamy to dump her sorry bum and move on to the sister who seems to be joining the crew. Ugh!! The George/Izzy thing is also getting out of hand and for the love of Pete I can't figure out why Callie O'Malley hasn't beaten her to a blond pulp for being in love with her husband. Did George fail the intern exams on purpose????
I loved, loved, loved the season finale of The Office and was rooting so hard for Pam and Jim. We (hubby and myself) actually cheered out loud when they semi got together at the end! Does anyone else feel really uncomfortable just watching Micheal's character b/c he's so inappropriate? It's just hysterical and the fact that Ryan got the corporate job and dumped jabber jaws Kelly was classic. Tee Hee...I loved that show.

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