Monday, May 14, 2007

Dear Friends,
We have friends who are in desperate need of your prayers tonight. Our very good friends Mike and Maureen just had their second child by emergency C Section this past Saturday. Charlotte was born at 29 weeks and is suffering from what seems to be multiple genetic issues. Although Mike and Maureen knew that their daughter would be born with brain abnormalities (diagnosed from past ultrasounds) they could not have anticipated the extent of her condition and now are faced with the possibility of removing her from life support.
For those of you who do not know this family, this is one of many in a long line of struggles that they have faced over the past few years. Although their first daughter was born without her left eye (possibly genetic) and later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, they have thrived and grown in parenthood and are raising a beautiful, vivacious five year old. In their quest to add to their family they suffered six miscarriages and had decided, finally, to adopt. They put in their paperwork to adopt a special needs child from China and during the process became pregnant. After a very touch and go pregnancy in the beginning and many scares later, they seemed to persevere and planned on the having another special needs child to love in their home.
Please pray for this family. Please pray that they would find comfort in the loving God who promises to never forsake us but to carry us always during good times and bad. Please pray that the decision that they may have to make will come straight from Him and that there will be no or doubts or regret. Pray that they are comforted. Please pray for the medical team that is taking care of both Maureen and Charlotte.
Please pray for a miracle.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I will keep thoughts of this family close to my heart and prayers and hope for them strength. Gem x
also thank you for posting on our blog, James managed to ring me from Afghanistan tonight and he really appreciated your kind words, so thank you so very very much.

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