Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Our House is a Petri Dish

could that statement be any more right? so G wakes up yesterday with a bit of a cough and I assume it's allergies....AGAIN!!! we've all been miserable here with allergies since moving and these past few months have been extraordinary. Today he woke up coughing without much relief from albuterol and I immediately made an appointment for him to be seen. later in the morning we saw his pediatrician and would you believe it? Pneumonia!!! I mean COME.ON. That makes two double ear infections, bronchitis, a sinus infection, skin infection and NOW pneumonia. All since January. My poor little guy is a walking antibiotic. I just feel at my wits end for him. He's been so sick yet he really puts on such a brave face. I can't believe that through most of this he just smiles and tries to joke around and still wants to kick daddy's butt at a light saber duel to the death. children are just so resilient. i could take some pointers from my son.so, in conclusion, i realize that you never, ever, know what the day is going to hold. sometimes it's bad, but sometimes it's really great too. while I know that today was filled with some bad parts and could have been better, I am thankful because it could have been alot worse! tomorrow in thailand a board is meeting and who knows, maybe the day will bring good news.

You never know...

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Hannah said...

I hope you hear news soon - I hope our good news did not sting too badly, but I've been there so I know how it feels. I think we were actually presented in April - it just took this long (different process, different agency....)

I look forward to your happy post as well! HUGS

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