Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh My Josh...

Last night made turning 30 worth it!!!! Allow me to digress for a moment. In November I was able to get tickets (thanks to H who stayed on computer duty while I was speaking at church) to the Josh Groban concert. It was my birthday present way in advance!! We got amazing floor seats and they were worth every penny! Yesterday the fam headed down to the HP Pavilion in San Jose to *finally* see Josh Groban in concert. It seemed hubby was less than enthusiastic at the possibility of being the only male in attendance, but when the day came he put on his happy face and was ready to party with 10,000 other crazy Grobbies. My little guy experienced his first concert!! It was such a thrill to watch him experience the lights, the noise, the music, the people-and of course Josh himself. Did I mention that G is the worlds youngest Grobanite?? Dare I say he's a Groban-tike? Ok, that was cheesy...

Nothing gave me more pleasure than to see my little man shake his groove thang to my favorite vocal artist. He definitely has his mommies love for music! H ended up having a great time and I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. The music was amazing and Mr. Groban himself can only be described as a vocal acrobat. Bravo!!! I can't wait to get to another concert!
Shhhh....don't tell my husband.....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back in town....for now

I want to give a quick update on our last post. As I said, Thailand has requested our 1600. We weren't sure why, whether it's the natural progression of things or they are getting ready to give us the travel ok. We are praying for the latter but know that most likely is not the case. We got the great news while in San Diego that our INS paperwork was done and first thing Friday morning it was scanned and emailed to Holt who in turn emailed it to HSF in Thailand. Now we are doing our paperwork for the 1600A and that's it for paperwork until we arrive in Thailand.

Anyway, our trip to southern CA was great! We went for four days with the Halls and stayed at Camp Pendleton near Carlsbad. The drive down was great. Totally smooth and without hiccup except for the fact that my dear husband left his flip flops on the side of the road. Seriously, you wonder how this could happen. How could someone get in the car without their shoes, drive off and not realize they are missing for another hour and a half. Needless to say, H stepped out of his shoes to get into the van b/c apparently he didn't want to get the van dirty while reaching to the third row to help strap in the kiddies. Then we just drove off and he forgot that there was nothing on his feet. Now why can't I get him to take his shoes off in the house?

The totally renovated mobile home that we rented somehow left us feeling slightly upper middle white trash-ish and only added to the smiles that weekend. We visited Seaworld the first day after finding out that Legoland (the whole point of the trip) was closed both Tues and Wed. We were due to be home Thursday. We were flexible and the kids were great and we spent a great day in SD and then on Wednesday we just hung out at the beach all day and later that night had a cookout and bonfire on the beach with friends. Maureen, we loved seeing you , Margaret and the belly!!! We can't wait to meet your baby girl in a few months! Thanks Rob, Jim and Heather for coming to see us!! We miss you guys already!

Thursday rolled around and we spent the entire day at Legoland and although we were less than enthusiastic about driving the seven plus hours home, we left around 5pm and didn't get home until after 2am Friday. Somehow we took on wrong turn and missed one exit along the way (can I help it if the exit sign was blocked by a line of 18 wheelers 10 deep?). I think we managed to drive at least an extra 100 miles. The highlight of the trip came when we back to the exit that we had lost the notorious flip flops. We didn't know exactly where it was. We only knew that there was an abandoned Chevron station and a dirt pull-off. On a hunch we exited and what do we see in the headlights? Two Landsend flip flops covered in dirt and road dust just waiting for their owners return. It was a hysterical moment. Well, that and M's Tourette moments in the car but that's a whole other story...

PS-A huge congratulations to my one and only, Shelley, who just got accepted to nursing school!!!! We love you!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser

So we got a call from Marissa inquiring about our 1600A status. Apparently Thailand is requesting that we fax it to them immediately. Of course my stomach was in knots and we became elated that *maybe* it was getting to be travel time. We spoke with her and of course we got the party line of "don't get your hopes up" because it really could just mean that they are reviewing our file and wanted that last bit of info. She gave us an email address for the San Jose INS department and we immediately fired off an email requesting (humbly) that they expedite our petition as we have a little one waiting for us. Marissa called back today with an update saying that they are trying to push our dossier through the first of two approvals and need that one piece of paper. I think the next step is for them to say "OK, come over during this time" least I think.....
It's hard not to get excited but then frustrated that the INS is taking their sweet time and had requested paperwork from us that was specifically detailed in our home study report. It almost blows my mind that they are creating more work for themselves and slowing down the process in the meantime. Marissa did say that this is good news because we know for certain that our paperwork is in the pipeline and making its way up the food chain and progressing as it should be. We are still continuing to pray for a miracle and if it is in His time that we will bring Prim home in May.
Well, I shouldn't even be taking the time to write this right now. I am supposed to be leaving for a women's retreat in Santa Cruz in a little under three hours and still haven't showered from tennis, folded laundry or packed my suitcase. I know it's only for a weekend but you have to bring sheets, blanket and pillows for the cabin so a travel bag won't do. And of course my makeup, books, magazines, hair stuff......

Monday, March 12, 2007

One More Week

Another week gone by and still it seems like forever until we get the call to pick up Prim. Thanks to friends and family who made the last two weekends fly by! It was great to have a full house and now we settle down and get back into a routine. This week proves to be busy with the normal routine and getting ready for the women's retreat in Santa Cruz this weekend. A bunch of us have a cabin together so it should be a great time! I'm really looking forward to the message this weekend and having an opportunity to once again renew my weary spirit.

Monday, March 05, 2007

did I mention I'm 30?

so this saturday crept up quickly and before I could scream "STOP!!" I hit the big 3-0. Goodbye 20's (notice my lower lip trembling).....It's not that I mind, it's just the realization that I seem to have crossed an invisible line that only leads to *gulp* 40. My hubby laughs and is thrilled that we are now "in our 30's together". I promptly remind him that he is still 5 1/2 years older than me and way closer to 40 and laugh right back.
Very good friends of ours came from San Diego Friday and we had a wonderful weekend. Unfortunately Saturday morning came with sad news for our friends. They received a phone call in the middle of breakfast that a very good friend and colleague had been killed in Iraq. He was only weeks away from coming home and the reality of this news was overwhelming for everyone. It's humbling to see grown men cry and my heart broke for their loss as they tried to put a smile on their face because it was my birthday. I am hoping that they find comfort knowing that God was with him during his final moments and lovingly carried him into heaven.
We spent the day in downtown Monterey, did some wine tasting and window shopping and later I was met by almost forty friends at a surprise party my hubby had been scheming with Meredith. I was actually completely surprised (hard to do, especially since H is a horrible liar)!! It was fun and so good to see everyone and very flattering to have so many people there to send me best wishes on my birthday. Thanks everyone!!!
The only bad part of the weekend was that G was sick-again! Double ear infection and a fever that won't stop for Motrin or Tylenol. We got antibiotics on Friday but he is still running a low grade fever and it's Monday. I know he was miserable but even my sweet little boy tried his best to give me smiles and kisses this weekend. He loves birthdays and kept asking me when I was going to open presents-obviously the important part of birthdays for a four year old. I'm going to keep him from school today and hopefully by Wednesday he'll be well enough to return. Darn those preschool germs!!

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