Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back in town....for now

I want to give a quick update on our last post. As I said, Thailand has requested our 1600. We weren't sure why, whether it's the natural progression of things or they are getting ready to give us the travel ok. We are praying for the latter but know that most likely is not the case. We got the great news while in San Diego that our INS paperwork was done and first thing Friday morning it was scanned and emailed to Holt who in turn emailed it to HSF in Thailand. Now we are doing our paperwork for the 1600A and that's it for paperwork until we arrive in Thailand.

Anyway, our trip to southern CA was great! We went for four days with the Halls and stayed at Camp Pendleton near Carlsbad. The drive down was great. Totally smooth and without hiccup except for the fact that my dear husband left his flip flops on the side of the road. Seriously, you wonder how this could happen. How could someone get in the car without their shoes, drive off and not realize they are missing for another hour and a half. Needless to say, H stepped out of his shoes to get into the van b/c apparently he didn't want to get the van dirty while reaching to the third row to help strap in the kiddies. Then we just drove off and he forgot that there was nothing on his feet. Now why can't I get him to take his shoes off in the house?

The totally renovated mobile home that we rented somehow left us feeling slightly upper middle white trash-ish and only added to the smiles that weekend. We visited Seaworld the first day after finding out that Legoland (the whole point of the trip) was closed both Tues and Wed. We were due to be home Thursday. We were flexible and the kids were great and we spent a great day in SD and then on Wednesday we just hung out at the beach all day and later that night had a cookout and bonfire on the beach with friends. Maureen, we loved seeing you , Margaret and the belly!!! We can't wait to meet your baby girl in a few months! Thanks Rob, Jim and Heather for coming to see us!! We miss you guys already!

Thursday rolled around and we spent the entire day at Legoland and although we were less than enthusiastic about driving the seven plus hours home, we left around 5pm and didn't get home until after 2am Friday. Somehow we took on wrong turn and missed one exit along the way (can I help it if the exit sign was blocked by a line of 18 wheelers 10 deep?). I think we managed to drive at least an extra 100 miles. The highlight of the trip came when we back to the exit that we had lost the notorious flip flops. We didn't know exactly where it was. We only knew that there was an abandoned Chevron station and a dirt pull-off. On a hunch we exited and what do we see in the headlights? Two Landsend flip flops covered in dirt and road dust just waiting for their owners return. It was a hysterical moment. Well, that and M's Tourette moments in the car but that's a whole other story...

PS-A huge congratulations to my one and only, Shelley, who just got accepted to nursing school!!!! We love you!

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