Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

I can't believe it's been forever since I've posted. No one told me that life with two is a different kind of crazy! Prim is thriving and doing great. The appointment with the family therapist was nothing short of wonderful and it was just a relief to have a professional opinion and guidance on Prim's sleep issues. She guided us in our attachment process and it sounds like so far we are right on track. She even encouraged us to start leaving her for small amounts of time with friends that we are very close to. Last week for bible study we left her for one hour and she was awesome! She was great when we left and ran to give me a big hug when we came back. We'll only leave her with our one set of friends whom our kids call aunt and uncle (they are godparents to our kids) and she knows them very well. We spend most days together.
Prim is just a very social little girl. She likes to see and meet new people and is one of those kids who will probably love school. Maybe next year for preschool?? Her and G are doing great together and he is really taking on the role of big brother. He plays with her much more than he was after coming home and they love to wrestle together! We had our first home visit since being home which went very well. I love our social worker. She's so sweet and seemed to think that Prim has made herself right at home here. You should hear this girl talk!!! She is talking more than some 2 year olds I know. I am so impressed by her language skills and how quickly she is coming along, especially because she is learning both french and english at the same time. it's so cute b/c she'll say "i love you" and "hot" or "goodbye" to H in french. She is a really, really bright girl. It blows my mind a bit how intelligent she is and sometimes that makes life a bit harder for both of us. She catches on so quickly can manipulate a situation if we're not paying attention.
I hope all of the new babies home from Thailand are doing well. It's so exciting to read about the families that have traveled after us and see how well they are doing. I've been thinking of you all!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


We were so thrilled to have Prim dedicated a few weeks ago and wanted to share the pics of her in her pretty white dress (thanks Grandma!!).
Things here are going great during the day, somewhat crazy still at night. We have an apt with a family therapist tomorrow to hopefully try and get a better handle on some sleep issues and see if we are doing everything we can to promote positive attachment. At this point the sleep issues have gotten worse, not better, and it would be nice to have a professional give us some tips on parenting our little one. We haven't met this therapist but she is experienced in adoption and attachment. I'm actaully really looking forward to the appointment. I'll let you know how it goes!

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