Friday, March 16, 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser

So we got a call from Marissa inquiring about our 1600A status. Apparently Thailand is requesting that we fax it to them immediately. Of course my stomach was in knots and we became elated that *maybe* it was getting to be travel time. We spoke with her and of course we got the party line of "don't get your hopes up" because it really could just mean that they are reviewing our file and wanted that last bit of info. She gave us an email address for the San Jose INS department and we immediately fired off an email requesting (humbly) that they expedite our petition as we have a little one waiting for us. Marissa called back today with an update saying that they are trying to push our dossier through the first of two approvals and need that one piece of paper. I think the next step is for them to say "OK, come over during this time" least I think.....
It's hard not to get excited but then frustrated that the INS is taking their sweet time and had requested paperwork from us that was specifically detailed in our home study report. It almost blows my mind that they are creating more work for themselves and slowing down the process in the meantime. Marissa did say that this is good news because we know for certain that our paperwork is in the pipeline and making its way up the food chain and progressing as it should be. We are still continuing to pray for a miracle and if it is in His time that we will bring Prim home in May.
Well, I shouldn't even be taking the time to write this right now. I am supposed to be leaving for a women's retreat in Santa Cruz in a little under three hours and still haven't showered from tennis, folded laundry or packed my suitcase. I know it's only for a weekend but you have to bring sheets, blanket and pillows for the cabin so a travel bag won't do. And of course my makeup, books, magazines, hair stuff......

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