Monday, May 21, 2007

New Pictures of baby Prim!!!!!!!!!

Look at those eyes!
Stuff we sent her!

Woohooo!!!! She's so beautiful!
Ok-now that I've calmed myself down, here are the details:
At 15 months she weighs in at 22 lbs and is 30.7 inches in height! She's gained two pounds in three months! She is still taking three bottles per day along with two (yes, two) bottles at night. Let me just say that that is the first thing to be weaned when we get home-lovingly of course. She eats three meals plus snacks a day. Prim has 6 upper teeth and 4 lower teeth. She has been in good health and is described as being independent, bright and happy. The report said that it is not difficult to separate her from her foster mother and although that gave me pause, Meredith assured me that she's probably like Meg. Now that makes me smile! She can scribble with a pencil and says a few words in Thai like grandma, cat, dog etc...
Please keep the foster family in your prayers. Back in November the foster father had to travel to his home province to help run the family business b/c of his father's illness. This update says that his father passed away in March from cancer.
On that note, just a quick mention that we will be traveling on June 2nd for baby Charlotte's funeral. Please also continue to keep this family in your prayers.
Hopefully this week-I know I say that alot lately-will bring travel news. I'll keep everyone updated.


Anonymous said...

She is so gorgeous! We cannot wait to meet her! love, The Norbles

Hannah said...

That's amazing!!! How/When did you get this update? I didn't know Prim was so young! She's the same age as Jesse - he was born Feb. 24, 2006. I can honeslty say after reading your blog and conversing I'm still not familiar with Prim's story. Was she a waiting child? Were you matched by your agency? I'm really hoping you hear fabulous news by the end of this week!

Our Family said...

We originally decided to adopt from Vietnam (where my DH is from). Last Sept we saw Prim's picture on the Holt WC photolisting and could not stop thinking about her. I rarely looked at those but just happened to and when I saw her I wanted to know more immediately! We applied along with 8 other families to adopt her and were chosen on Sept 21st. We were sad not to be going to Vietnam but more excited to be matched and going to Bangkok.
Prim was a WC b/c of her eyes. When she was an infant her foster mom noticed that the whites of her eyes were bluish. They took her to a dr who said it could be a "bone" problem (more specifically osteogenesis imperfecta). After consulting with an opthamologist it became clear that the more likely cause could be glaucoma. She also had pressure behind her eyes. Since last summer she was put under and checked for the color and pressure and was given a clean bill of health. She is a very healthy little girl:)
She will be checked out when she gets here to make sure that everything is ok. It's such a blessing that she is healthy but more so that she will be here for medical care if she ever needs it. That's our story!! She was born Nov 21 2005 so just a few months older than your son. We anticipate that when we travel she'll be 19 months. I hope we hear good news this week too!!

Laurie said...

My husband and I spent a month in Thailand a few years ago - what a beautiful country with such wonderful people. Your daughter is just GORGEOUS! Congratulations, and I'll keep her foster father in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

ohhh fingers crossed she comes home soon Gem x

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