Monday, May 10, 2010

I Didn't Forget On Purpose

It was Mother's Day and I didn't think of Prim's birth mom.  Not once.

It wasn't until this morning, when I saw Sharon's Facebook post, that I thought of that young girl so very far away.  What does that say about me? That I didn't think about the girl who gave life to our daughter.  The one who will say goodbye a thousand times (maybe) throughout her life while I watch every milestone and cherish every hug.

I didn't mean to forget.  But sometimes I do.  There are days when her adoption is so far from my mind.  There are more days when I think I should remember giving birth to her myself.  I actually try and recall those first few moments of our meeting to remind myself of how she got here and then feel sad that I didn't carry her for those precious nine months.

It's not that I forget on purpose.  Birthdays are more poignant to me than Mother's Day where her birth mother are concerned but still......I wonder as time goes on if I will think of her less or more...


Mireille said...

I also forgot April, too busy taking care of 11 girls, had NO time to reflect at all on Sunday, which normally I do!! Don't be too hard on yourself, at least Mother's day is not celebrated in Thailand on this day, but August 12, so make a note and think of her on that special day!! I know I will!!

Wendy said...

August 12th, Mother's Day in Thailand, is actually Lily's adoption day. It was so great to be there with my new daughter on that day!

You will think about Grace's birthmom as she gets old, I'll bet. I actually find that the older Becky gets the more I think about her birthmom. That's probably because Becky is about the same age as her birthmom was when she gave birth to her and because Becky looks so much like her at this age.

I actually find myself thinking of Becky's birthmom a lot more than I do of Lily's for some reason.

Don't feel guilty; you are celebrating Grace's birthmother every day by raising such a lovely young lady about whom she would be so proud.

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