Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ho Hum and A Bottle of Rum

Totally kidding about the rum.  Got 'ya thinking, though, didn't it?

My mother is here.  She came last weekend and will be here through the end of this month.  Could there be anything more wonderful than sweet mommy hugs when Husband is gone?

Already the time seems to be flying by even as I think to myself this next six months is going to take forever.  I think doctors appointments and shuffling to and from school are keeping my mind busy.  It's almost a good thing that I am side tracked by follicle size and injection dosages.

Speaking of all things infertile, things in the baby making region seem to be going much better on Follistim than on Clomid.  Already we have surpassed last months stopping point and it looks as if we can go ahead with the IUI within the next week or so. Right now I waiver between the excitement of becoming pregnant (God willing) and trepidation at the thought of possible multiples.

Jesus take the wheel...

The PCOS medication, Metformin, thankfully! has been almost side effect free.  Happily the dry mouth is lessening and the craving for sweets has diminished significantly.  My RE says that being on Metformin can help lower the risk of hyper-ovulation so for that reason alone I am thankful that I'm taking this medication.

What else can I bore you with today? There are no hot topics jumbled up in my mind today except for politics but I've decided not to go there. 

OH! My brilliant son got accepted into the Gifted & Talented program for 2nd grade.   I'm so happy he got Husband's smarty pants and still shows creativity and a love of books from me-his most right brained momma.

Prim has gone almost four days without a temper tantrum.  Now to some of you, you may think-And your point is? 

Let me tell you, I am a much calmer mom on the inside without the screaming and feet stomping.  She has shown wonderful self control but I must admit that it is mostly me taking that extra breath and anticipating her sensitivity to certain situations that may be helping most.

Not to say, It's all about me and look how great I am for being patient.  It's really more of it's about time you started paying more attention to the little things dummy.

One day I'll catch on.

And seriously, don't you love the picture??  Babies on the brain...


Open Air said...

Good luck! I did Follistim too. Fun times! I hope it works for you. :)

thecurryseven said...

I'm glad things seem to be going well.

And that's wonderful news about the stretch without a tantrum. I found it was all of a piece. No tantrums made me more relaxed, which made me more in tune with TM, which made the tantrums subside a bit more, and so on. But, I still find that unless I'm careful, the flipside happens as well. He gets more revved-up, which makes me more tense and short-tempered which doesn't help him regulate. I was shocked to find how tense I had been during the daily (hourly?) tantrum phase. I think what you described makes perfect sense.

Mireille said...

How lovely that your momma is there!! And congrats on your sweet children, one for being honored in the gifted area and the other on NO tantrums! I did Clomid but never Follistim, unfortunateley it didn't work for me... hope you will have more success!! Keeping you in my thoughts! Love, M

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