Monday, April 05, 2010

Eggs Stink

 Why are my little follicles being so stubborn?  Still no growth. Even with double the dose of follicle stimulating hormones this past three days-nada.  In fact they measured smaller today than the past two ultrasounds. Maybe the measurements were a bit off but really there was no change in maturity.

Unfortunately, that means this cycle will have to be canceled. We may start medication for PCOS in the next few days and then begin a more aggressive schedule of injections at the onset of my next cycle.  Clomid is officially out of the picture.

H leaves for deployment in three weeks which also changes things a bit.  I guess we'll be stockpiling the 'boys' so I can continue for the next few months.  How weird would that be five months into deployment to email H and tell him we're preggo?  I can hear the navy wife gossip now.....

So I'm just going to keep my chin up, keep praying and praising God.  He put this urge in our heart for a reason so I remain faithful that we are still on the right path.  I have to keep reminding myself that we are not on a time schedule, I am young.

This week we are off to DC for spring break and family time in our Nation's Capital.  Thank you for your continued prayers and best wishes.



Tracy said...

Oh April...I am so sorry, but you know as well as I do that God is in control. Everything is in His timing and according to His purpose. I will continue praying for you. Have a wonderful Spring break with your family!! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

You have so much going on, you are incredibly strong and I hope you have a stress free few weeks before he leaves, I think the bit before they leave is the hardest and my weight rocketed before J left, he wanted to eat out at his favorite places almost every night!

Working with the 'stockpile' would be an incredible distraction from the deployment, and certainly would get tongues gossiping if you meet him on his return with a big belly :)

April said...

Thanks Gem for all of your kind words. When is J coming home?
Where are you guys in the process, do you think you'll hear anything soon about a referral?

Anonymous said...

not until the end of the year, he left start of Feb.
As for adoption, well Australia is crazy slow, we started 06, file left early 08 and now they say that for Aussie adoptions, which are part of the quota process it is upwards of 3 years from when file was recieved in thailand, so still at least another year wait for us. Its mad, when we started the average was 12-18 months from when file recieved, its going a bit like the China wait, getting longer year on year.

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