Monday, March 22, 2010

The Accidental Parent

This I have never been nor ever will be. We did not have an 'oops' baby or an unexpected surprise after a particularly passionate rendition of the horizontal hula. Our children are here because of methodical planning, medical intervention and lots (and lots) of paperwork.

So, as I sit here staring at the bottle of Clomid and what these ten little pills will mean, I ponder the question I have asked myself a million times. Why does it matter that it doesn't come naturally?

I have often romanticized the journey to pregnancy and in doing so created a fable by which I set my sights. I know that I need to let go, face the reality of our circumstances and be thankful for the multiple avenues available to us in order to expand our family. We have been blessed and I need to acknowledge that.

I guess what I want to say out loud is, God please let this be easy. Just this once let our timing line up with yours but at the same time Your will not mine....

Down the hatch.


Anonymous said...

Hi April - I've just found your site and I admire your honesty about your life with Prim. I am going through many of the same emotions you are now and I really need some quick advice... so I wonder if it would be ok to email you? I can't seem to find your address on your profile. Do you have an email or would you like me to send you mine? Thanks, lassi

April said...

Please feel free to email me at I look forward to hearing from you :)

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