Monday, February 22, 2010

My Light

One night last week I stood over the stove sauteing onions and chicken. When I realized that I was squinting to see the contents of my pan I quickly turned on the overhead light. I was amazed at the transformation! What I had seen in almost black and white from darkness was now colorful in the light. I had been going on blind faith that the chicken was cooking, the onions were becoming translucent in the juices. My eyes had become so accustomed to the dark I had not seen what was right in front of me. Now, with the light, I saw that the chicken had overcooked, the onions too well done.

This is what Faith in Jesus is to me. Light in a world that is filled with darkness and a lamp to my feet to guide the way. Before I understood the full scope of grace and salvation I moved as if wearing sun glasses. It took understanding the cost of that redemption, salvation and grace to truly take away those glasses to let in the Light.

I understand now how my perspective has changed these past fifteen years. I see clearly those things which I saw only partially illuminated. The path to eternity is lit by the hand of a mighty Master, a gentle Savior and a moving Spirit. For me, there is no extinguishing the Light. It has given me too beautiful a view, too bright a future and too precious a gift.

As if to feel the warmth of the sun on my face I find myself constantly looking up. One day I will bask in the glory of perfect Peace, but for now I will look for the Light in the face of my children and the eyes of my husband. For now, I will pray that the Lord uses me in a small way as a light for His kingdom and good purposes.

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