Friday, June 29, 2007

What Do You Think?

Hello all in blog land. I wanted to throw this question out there for anyone who has given the following subject some thought or have actually utilized this service. International Adoption Clinics.
When we got Prim's med file we had it gone over with a fine tooth comb by a trusted pediatrician whom we felt would give us great guidance and info. Unfortunately this pediatrician is not near us so we will have to rely on G's pediatrician for Prim. Don't get me wrong, I like his dr alot. She has been great and is very conservative and knowledgable. However, is there a huge advantage to going to an Inernational Adoption Medicine Doctor? I contacted a clinic in Oakland to get some info, it's the closest to us on the west coast practically. I actually spoke with the dr for some time and of course she thinks it's an EXCELLENT idea to have Prim seen at their clinic. What else would she say? It cost $540 for the visit (most likely not covered by insurance) and if we want an extra neuro/psych evaluation to see where she is developmentally and emotionally it's an extra $380. I can't believe I'm letting the money part get to me. I mean, after what we've spent on this adoption this is a drop in the hat right?
I know Prim will need to see a pediatric opthamologist for sure b/c of some issues with her eyes as a baby. She's been given a clean bill of health (to my knowledge) but I don't feel comfortable with that until a US dr has seen her.
Ugh. I would like any and all advice. I know G's pediatrician is competent but is there something she might overlook? Would the IA Clinic do more??
A shout out to the two Holt families who got TA today!!! More babies coming home is always reason to celebrate. Only three weeks and counting for us. Come on July....


:: Suzanne :: said...

We used the IA clinic at University of Washington and were very glad that we did. Even now, our local pediatrician defers to the IA doc.

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Hannah said...

Hey April - we didn't go through and specific adoption doctors at any stage of the process. We read over the referral report ourselves and it was pretty clear. Anything we had questions about I talked to my brother-in-law who's a pediatric pulmonologist (sp?) - just a doctor I trust completely. After coming home we went to our regular pediatrician and then are now waiting on some blood tests from an infectious disease specialist. I feel very good about the level of care we are receiving for Jesse. Just my experiences though - not sure there's any actual advice in there :)

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