Tuesday, June 12, 2007


That is what it feels like now. Not much to say. Travel is too far away to start packing but too soon to not consider the possibilities and realities of our journey. Nothing that I'm reading is interesting me and it took three books to realize that my heart is just not into it. (for those of you that know my voracious reading habits please pick your jaw up off the floor) I picked out all of the outfits that I'm bringing for Prim. Yes, honey, I do realize that we'll only be gone for two weeks and that we can have laundry service. Yes, I do realize that there will be plenty of time when we get home to dress her up and put bows in her hair. No, I guess I don't NEED to bring all ten bows....

I heard a rumor that Brangelina are adopting another kid or two. I guess I could mull that over and think of more reasons why being rich is so useful. There is no good tv on right now except for Deadliest Catch (thanks mom:) and new episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Some invention show is starting soon, that might be interesting. Maybe Last Comic Standing? Hmph..


Janine said...

Hi guys, have been reading your post and just wanted to say that it is awesome that you will see your BEAUTIFUL daughter soon. She truely is a princess.
This last month will be hard, im sure, so close....
When you are in thailand, do you stay in a hotel, or does your agency have something else sorted out for you? (Just curious)

Michael, Sharon and Nong Ex said...


I say 'Go ahead and start packing'!

I know it seems like forever away, but it will soon come around! Get those suitcases out, (it will make you feel SO good) put them in a spare room, or in Prim's bedroom, and start putting her clothes, gifts, new clothes, toiletries, donations, etc, etc in them!! You can always pull it all out again and re-pack as you wait! This way you get a rough idea of all your luggage, not to mention, it is a 'little' start, even if you re-do it ten times over!! Somedays I think about starting now!! Sad, I know!
As for books.. I Love reading! (Only, no scary one's!) Have you tried the Big Stone Gap series by Adriana Trigiani?
I completely understand when you talk about all the bows and clothes! Shopping for our Daughter keeps me sane right now, and I can't wait to see her in all those cute little clothes. I am going to have a hard time deciding what to take, SO I hear ya!! Yes, you do have to take most of the clothes!!

April said...

Thanks always Sharon! Your wisdom is keeping me sane!

We are with Holt and they are arranging hotel for us as they have had wonderful experiences with one in particular for years now and are sticking with it. If you have to make arrangements yourself, I would suggest that you get A TON of feedback from other people who have done the same to find a good hotel "fit" for your family. We know people who are traveling now and while the hotel is nice, the location is not. Thanks for posting and the encouragement!

Hannah said...

april - hang in there. The time will fly!!!!

Anonymous said...

i heard that brangelina rumor too, with those two rumors generally come true, wierd though as dont know what rules are in usa but over here in aus they dont let people adopt non-siblings too close after each from when they come home as they say the new child must have time to adapt. Oh and a tip for a hotel chain in thailand my other halves cousin says the D2hotel chain is really gorgeous, but a little pricey, they have them both in chiang mai and bangkok. Gem

maxhelcal said...

The waiting is SO HARD. Before you know it though...you'll be in Thailand! I can't wait to hear all about your trip.

Don't feel bad...I packed way too many clothes for Bronte too! She loved them though and got really excited about getting dressed everyday.

I would start packing just to pass the time.

Hang in there!


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