Monday, June 04, 2007

Our New Camera

So Big!!
Flower power

Once upon a time there was a girl who LOVED to take pictures. She carted her camera every where, capturing every moment that she thought would make a fantastic memory. One of these moments happened two Christmas' ago when her lovely Canadian friend had a pajama party to celebrate the holidays. It wasn't just any old pajama party, ladies. There was drinking and laughing and very, very loud music! Now, this girl who loved her camera so set it on top of a big screen projection television-out of the way of the increasingly inebriated group and danced until she was dizzy. The music was thumping and as the night wore on it only got louder. So loud in fact that the girls camera slowly began to shake it's way along the edge of the television until suddenly *THUD*. The camera had vibrated it's way off of the the rather large TV. It was a somber moment. And I mean moment because two seconds later she was back to shakin' her groove thang.
Fast forward to reality and it's time for this girl to travel to get her daughter. The plans are being made, it's all coming together. And then this girl realizes her camera does very strange things now. Does she risk half blurry pictures in Thailand or does she succumb to the Best Buy sales woman who has convinced her that there will be no do-overs on her trip?
Welcome home Canon Power Shot SD800 IS. The girl mistakenly thought that you were a great point and shoot camera until she got you home and realized that reading the manual was imperative for getting a decent picture. This is her penance for that fateful night two Christmas' ago....


Anonymous said...

I would love to be connected and emailing! Thank you for commenting.
Please email me at
I really want to hear what God has done in you, as I am really, really praying about being on all these meds....

Rosemary said...

Good words.

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