Sunday, June 10, 2007


Today I feel a bit grouchy so I will list all of the praises that I have for the past few days:

1. Baby Liam was born healthy and beautiful yesterday afternoon! He's a doll!

2. Our new camera was returned to Best Buy (good riddance) and now new camera #2 is on probation until it proves itself worthy of our trip to Thailand.

3. G has a new Star Wars toy that IS NOT made of a million Lego pieces. i.e...when we go out I not longer have to worry about keeping track of every piece to that particular Star Wars aircraft.

4. G finished his pre k class Friday and now is on summer break!

5. H did very well on two final exams and has only two classes left until the summer break!

6. I picked out all of the outfits that we will bring for Prim and set them aside.

7. Hotel reservations made for Hua Hin!

8. That our family is on it's healthiest streak in almost two years! No illnesses to speak of in weeks!

9. Have made some very special connections with women online due to our adoption. You know who you are!!

10. Only five weeks until we leave for Thailand!

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Anonymous said...

your doggy is adorable Gem x

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