Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm still here!

I can officially say that it is less than one month before we leave for Thailand!! I know it's been a couple of days since I posted but we've been busy with "normal" life. We're getting into the summer groove now that G is out of school. H is home from school for about two weeks and has already sodded the back yard and built a sand box for the kids. I'll post pics sometime later to show off his handiwork!
G has started swim lessons and although strenuously objected at first, is now more comfortable and learning how to float on his back. The only problem is that the kid never SHUTS UP! It's so funny because he is still talking while jumping into the pool. I used to worry that he would swallow water but he seems to handle it okay and by golly he starts talking again the second he surfaces. That's my boy!
I'm working on tennis and trying to nail down some new shots. Today I learned that top spin takes too much thought b/c slicing is more natural for me. George says I need to be more diverse to be the best player I can so I'll be spending the next few weeks trying to figure out which shot to do when and hoping to not look ridiculous in the process.
Well, I'm writing this email from my new laptop!! I finally bit the bullet and got a MacBook and am officially ready to be plugged in while traveling. It will be nice to know that we'll have constant contact with friends and family and I'm happy to know that I can keep blogging during our time there. I can't imagine that we'd be making very many phone calls so this will be great. My new project is to make a movie on our one year living in Italy. I can't believe we moved over nine months ago. It's such a short period of time but seems like so very long ago. I miss it and especially my Canadian gal.
A quick thought. Today during tennis I was playing and just happend to look over at my team mate's little boy who was playing with Mr Potato Head. G has never had one and I immediately thought that Prim might like to play with something like that when she's a bit older. I got such a strong feeling of just emptiness. In that moment I missed her so much that I had tears in my eyes. As quickly as it came, it left and I started playing again. I was so unprepared for those feelings that I've thought about it all day.
Anyone else ever experience that?

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