Wednesday, April 11, 2007

waiting....waiting.... we needed a dr's note (again) for the dysautonomia. it was requested by dsdw. we got it and sent it to Holt yesterday by email and fedex'd it today overnight. the thai holiday starts next weeks and now i'm a jumble of nerves. will we make the april 25th board? won't we?? does this cause a glitch or is it just a formality to request supporting documentation? i know Holt says that they are requesting this for everyone who's had a medical condition and that it should be ok but deep down you wonder-is it?? why wasn't the first dr's note ok? is this one specific enough??
all i can think about is that we were hoping to be in this next group to travel. it was what is getting us through the day. it brought tangible excitement to our house with the prospect of traveling soon. i know, i His timing. i wish for once that would stop the butterflies in my stomach. my prayer today is for patience and acceptance.

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