Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Looking forward to hump day

How cute is this????

Thanks girls!!!

Wednesday is tomorrow and my stomach is in knots. After being bumped because we needed a doctor's note, there is little chance that we will be presented before the board tomorrow. Marissa said that it would be "highly unlikely" and all I heard was "so you're saying there's a chance?". The poor woman probably thinks I'm daft. I know that the next one is in two weeks but that feels like forever so I am praying that if it is His will that there will be a miracle. And if not I pray that I have tissues with lotion in them at home.....

Needless to say I think I have officially begun the "nesting" process. I didn't really feel this way as much with G just because H was deployed and my mom was around to keep me company and watch me like I was a ticking bomb.

On Sunday, however, my dear friends had a baby shower for me and it was like heaven! Everything was in pink and chocolate and there was china and tea cups and it all felt so....GIRLY!! Prim received just incredible outfits and toys and an adorable baby carriage and I just felt extremely humbled and flattered. We have received so much love and prayers through this process. I came home with arm loads of gifts and then realized that I had to make room for it all. Thus the nesting began. Of course I had to move the kids' room around and transform the alcove upstairs that had G's train table and then everything else looked so nice and the office was completely trashed so today that took a hit. Now I feel the urge to tackle the closet and pantry downstairs and if that darned island didn't weigh so much I'd move that too! This absolutely drives my husband nuts to come home and see the house completely rearranged. It damages his Type A sensibilities. Teee Heeeeeeeee.....

In closing, I just want to say to everyone waiting for tomorrow (there are many of us out there)-good luck and many blessings. Especially for Hannah out there in cyberspace: you've waited for this for a long time and I hope that you have your day tomorrow. Our prayers are with you.


Hannah said...

I'm crying now!!! I worked this morning and class was hectic but now.....I have all day to sit and wait. Let's wait together :)

Robin and Kyle said...

I hope you have good news soon! We're crossing our fingers for you! We're also adopting from Thailand, but much further behind you in the process and it's been great to read your story. Thanks for sharing.


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