Monday, April 02, 2007

Criss Cross Applesauce...

If prayers were like crossing fingers I think I would be twisted like a pretzel. These days my mantra seems to be "get her here fast", "give me the energy to have two" and on and on.
We got great albeit cautious news on Friday from Marissa at Holt. She called to say that she thinks we may be in the next batch of families scheduled to travel. She doesn't think it will happen at the end of May but is optimistic for either June 13th or June 27th board meetings. Needless to say we were on cloud nine and continue to pray that this timing specifically is His plan. H will be on his break from school and would not have to worry about classes. While we'll be happy to travel anytime, I can understand how H would feel the stress of being two weeks behind in classes. We can only go on faith, though, and are officially getting ourselves in "travel" mode. What else do we need?? Hmmmm.....last night my Target shopping night was successful and I finally got one bathing suit for Prim. It's very sporty (pink of course) and she'll look like a little surfer girl. I need to get one more and that's done. We have so many cute little dresses (thanks Mom and Aunt T!!) and just need a few more pj's and travel outfits will be done. It's hard to know how big she will be but right now I'm getting all 18 month clothing and for the fall/winter 24 months. M says that I'm a bit compulsive in my thinking about her clothing these days but as I see it, it's really the only thing for me to control on this end. She understands of course but promises to counsel me if I am still clothes crazy (ahem...slightly compulsive) when the baby gets here. Isn't that the fun part of having girls?

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