Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Little Batman

Tonight we went to a dinner/silent auction to support the Officer's Christian Fellowship and had a great time!! The kids were treated to face painting (by the fabulous Christina). How cute is G?

What a nice way to end the evening and a great beginning to the weekend. Tomorrow is going to be crazy for a Sunday! I am singing both services at church, going to a friend's baptism (yeah! Melissa) out at Lover's Point, a birthday party for our neighbor's little boy and finally a baby shower for a friend! Whew! I think I may be breaking the rule of work on the Sabbath.....

I must say that in spite of all of the busie-ness I am thankful for being blessed with these friendships and opportunities to worship Him in all that I do tomorrow.

Happy weekend!
Oh, PS...Doesn't Prim look just like G??!!!


Hannah said...

G is adorable. I had a little dragon running around my house today :) I think our boys are around the same age. What does he think about Prim? Ian gets sad about his brother not being home yet - wondering if you are dealing with the same issues.

Our Family said...

Sometimes I think that Prim has become the invisible friend in our home. G always talks about her and relates things he is doing to her. He prays for her every single day and often asks if she is coming home soon. I can't imagine what the wait has been like for him because it's so hard to describe time. At 4, we haven't said "oh, it'll be a few months"-he just wouldn't get it and I think there would be a lot of "now??". We didn't tell him about adopting until we had Prim's referral and then we talked to him about her and could show him a picture and explain what it meant for our family. G is extremely perceptive and he often asks if her foster family will miss her when she comes home with us. We talk about it and I try to explain to him how sad she will be but will do more "in depth" prep with him as we are traveling. He did get upset last week that we weren't going to get her yet and I told him it would be soon, we just had to be patient. We practice alot of patience at home:) I've tried to make it more tangible for him by bringing him with me to mail care packages and pick out things to send her. We have her toddler bed set up in his (their) room and he's excited to share although I'm sure she'll be in with us for quite some time. The good thing is that he has alot to distract him and seems to go with the flow most of the time.
Is Ian going with you? G is going with us. He's pretty much a world traveler as we're military and have lived overseas and adapts well.

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