Wednesday, February 07, 2007

That Time of Year

You might think I'm talking about taxes, but "that time of year" describes sniffles, coughs and fevers that accompany the November through March time frame. While getting over an ear infection, nasty little germs were invading G just waiting for the day his antibiotic treatment ended. Two days later the crankiness was back along with a wicked cough that appeared overnight and it's back to the doctors. Luckily instinct prevailed as I wondered if his infection had really cleared up and made a follow up appointment for G to be checked. Thank goodness because that day he complained of a headache all day long and cried until he fell asleep in the car. After a quick listen the doctor said he has bronchitis but luckily not the "throwing up and diarrhea" thing that's going around. I have to agree with her although G told me at bedtime tonight that he "doesn't like sick". I hear you buddy.

These are the times when I feel like there are germs just floating all around and every time I pick him up from preschool I wonder if today is the day he'll get the pukey bug seeing as how EVERYONE we know has already had it.'s that time of year.....

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