Friday, February 02, 2007

does He really Part II

I've been pondering over my last post and this morning woke up wanting to follow up. I still couldn't shake the feeling that some how this "Jesus loves Osama" sign was just not right. I kept going over again in my mind what was bugging me and the only thing I could come up with was the Cammi background. Now why would a church put a biblical based statement in front of their church with a military style camouflaged background? I went back and reread the statement that the church made and it came to me loud and clear that the answer wasn't in what they said, but what they DIDN'T say.
I realized that it's very possible that the church itself is taking a passive aggressive stance on the current war in Iraq. Not wanting to "take sides" on an explosive and unpopular issue in Australia, they instead decided to use the Word of God to send a message to the world that the war is wrong. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. I prefer the bullhorn guy....


Anonymous said...

If you'll permit me, I'd like to put a little something here about the Jesus Loves Osama sign. I'm not a Christian myself however I *was* brought up that way and til I was early 20s, that was how I referred to myself.

When I read your blog the other day, what I saw that sign meaning was that it's not up to us as humans to judge who is worthy of Jesus' love and who is not, no matter what they have done or have not done. It's just not our choice.

The church that has that sign up front is choosing to live by what the bible says. It says that everyone will be judged on Judgement Day. It says that Jesus loves everyone.

So within those general bounds, that particular church with the sign is doing the right thing, IMHO.

But at the end of the day, this is one person's opinion :)

Our Family said...

Anonymous, I do agree with you that Christ's loves covers all of us with his blood. My point was that this statement made by this particular church seems to be something other than what it reads. Thanks for reading~!

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