Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cloud Nine!!!

Today we received an update on Prim!! Woohooo! Let me just acknowledge that this is an answer to a prayer because I just didn't know if I could wait until the end of the month to see our baby girl. She has gotten SO big, it's hard to believe but then again they do grow like weeds. I am thankful for the picture of her smiling. It's great to see her sweet face and my how different she looks with a smile on her face!! Her progress reports indicate that she is doing very well and growing. She is about 19 lbs and 28 inches-give or take a tiny bit. She is still taking three bottles of milk a day and two during the night plus three meals a day. Oh geese. I read that the Thai people show love through food (are we sure they're not Italian) so little Prim is very well loved. In the pictures you'll notice that she is wearing a cute little blue printed dress. We sent that!!! In the picture of her sitting down you can see that she is surrounded by dresses, her doll and a book that we sent her in October. I love that dress, I bought it at my favorite kids store in Italy before we left. It's nice to see that it fits her just right.

Her progress report also says that she is saying the words for mom and dad and she can climb on and off chairs, is walking very well and is very happy. She had a bit of an incident in December. Apparently she sat and tipped over a very hot bowl of soup and burned her hip. It's quite a nasty burn but they sent pictures and it looks like it's healing very nicely and they say that she is fine. It makes me happy that it was addressed and brought to our attention because I imagine that they didn't have to mention it nor did the foster mother have to say anything b/c it wouldn't have been noticeable under clothing. I think that Prim is being extremely well cared for and it breaks my heart that she will have to grieve over that loss within the next few months.

Well, I'm off to stare longingly at my little girl. Please keep her in your prayers. Also, please pray for her foster family. Our report indicated that the foster father had to leave and go to his birth home to take care of their coffee plantation as his father is extremely ill with cancer. Prim and her foster family did not accompany him as two of the children are in grade school (foster parents bio children). The foster mother made the decision to stay behind with the kids-boy do I know how that is. Pray that they are reunited quickly and for good health for their family.


William said...

Wow, she is cute. What a great set of pictures. Each show a different emotion. Very expressive.

Keep up the good writing and updates.


Shari said...

Wow, I'm so happy for you! More pictures for the waiting Mom must be better than chocolate. ;-)

Prim Grace is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!

Sarah said...

She is beautiful...I can't wait to see a picture of her with your family:)

Say hi to everyone for me!
Sarah Olson

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