Sunday, February 11, 2007

Every Day Miracle

Our latest pictures of Prim still leave me smiling. I had just won the prayer lotto. You see, I had prayed very, very specifically for three things these past few weeks. The book of Matthew chapter 21 verse 22 says that "In all things, whatsoever ye shall pray, believing, ye shall receive". I took this verse to heart and allowed it to be my mantra as I prayed for the following:

1) that we would receive an update of Prim earlier than late February/beginning of march 2)that she would be wearing something that we had sent her or display a toy that we had included with the dresses 3)that she would smile-we had no pictures of her with a smile on her face.

When we received Prim's update from Holt, it was a complete surprise! It was only the beginning of February and wouldn't you know it she was wearing AND sitting next to the dresses and toys we had sent in her first package. Most importantly she was smiling. Our beautiful little girl finally showed joy in her picture and I was filled with a sense of relief to see her happy face.

I am always amazed how good God's grace is and how his timing is just perfect. My heart needed renewal and He knew this, answering my prayer specifically and boldly so that there was no doubt that His hand guided the process. What a miracle...

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