Tuesday, February 13, 2007

G's fancy new hat

I have to post this picture for mom and dad of the new hat they sent G. He loves it and he looks so handsome in it!! G is doing well and recovering from his bronchitis. Today he made it to gymnastics and is actually coughing very little. Unfortunately he has given his cooties to MH who is now on antibiotics. G is looking forward to school tomorrow as it is Valentine's Day. The kids are supposed to wear their PJ's to school and they will be making cupcakes and deocrating them. I spent the afternoon putting little Valentine's together with lollipops for him to take to class. I found Thomas the Tank Engine Valentine cards at Hallmark and he is so excited to give them to all of his Penguin friends at school! Hopefully I remember to bring the camera to school tomorrow...
Happy Valentine's Day!! XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOXOX

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