Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Quckie?

This will be brief.  I know most everyone with school age kids has had or is having a busy last week.  We have early dismissal today and tomorrow, tomorrow being the last day of school-WOOT!  Class parties and getting ready for our trip on Saturday have kept me going this week-thank goodness for distractions!

We head to the Outer Banks on Saturday with my parents.  We've been looking forward to this trip for almost two months and I am so thrilled to be getting out of town.  I could use the change of scenery!  Deployment seems to be going by sloooooooowly....

I may post pictures or I may wait until we get back in a week.  It depends on the internet situation although I know I should let technology go for seven days.  No Facebook? No blogging? Oy vey that's a tall order for this gadget girl.

Have a great beginning of your summer and I'll catch up soon!

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