Thursday, July 26, 2007

Resistance is Futile

I am Prim and I am being oppressed by an international triad. An Asian man whom I believe to be the leader, though I have doubts because the Puerto-Rican looking lady gives him a lot of orders and a little boy, who's pretty easy on the eyes. I am not sure what country they are from because the man and woman speak to each other in English, but the man and the boy speak to each other in French, and the man speaks under his breath about the lady in what I think is Vietnamese. When the little boy watches a show about a girl and her monkey friend, I thought I heard him say something in Spanish...I am soooo confused.
But I digress... I was able to steal a minute alone by making cute faces. Now they are scurrying for their precious cameras to take ransom photos of me. I am typing on this white machine that belongs to the woman which the man doesn't like because it's not a PC but something called a Mac. Today they took me to their embassy to get my legal documents so they could take me to their basecamp. After that, we went to the river and went on a boat ride. Apparently the man chose poorly, because he picked the slowest boat in the canal. I tried to flag down everyone I saw, but they just thought I was being cute and waved back. After what seemed like a eternity, we hit land and stopped at this hole in the wall where they tried to shove food down my throat. I was so excited when we got to the King's Palace because surely he would stop these people from showering me with love, but he wasn't home. Then it started thundering and lightning so we jumped in a taxi and sat in traffic for an hour and a half. The man left the taxi at the embassy and sent us to their hotel, but somehow when we finally got there, he was already there waiting. He must have teleporting abilities like the guy on the television show "Heroes".
They didn't want to risk having me escape like last night so they had food brought to the room. I tried to gross the woman out by dipping my french fries into her ketchup, licking it clean and putting the french fries back into the pile. But again I failed because they just thought I was simply adorable (which I am). Tonight, I'll fall asleep on the woman again, because she has nice built in pillows, whereas the man is uncomfortable because his chest is like finely chiseled stone and his arms are like twisted steel. I am starting to warm up to him though, because he's pretty nice and he makes me laugh. Tomorrow, they are taking me to this place called Hua Hin. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Prim - First of all you have a gorgeous smile and it seems like you are signed up for a life of fun and love, so yes resistance is futile!

Love this posting and as a Puerto-Rican mommy myself, I must say Prim you are in great company!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad we finally got to hear from Prim instead of the usual April/Hung propaganda. Sounds like things are going wonderfully. I tried to get Mattie/Reagan to post this comment but they're too anxious to go outside again!

Hannah said...

A man with a finely chiseled stone chest and arms like twisted steel - your mommy appears to be a lucky woman :) It's nice to see you smiling.

TJ and Sarah said...

I love your smile and your laugh is just breath taking! You are such a sweet little girl. I can't wait to hear what you think of the beach!


Robin and Kyle said...

Prim, While I don't think you're going to escape these captors who shower you with love, stay resolute and keep us informed on the situation. You're very brave and I know it will turn out alright in the end. =)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you have. I am enjoying following your story as told by your parents, and now you.
Thanks for sharing!!
Love you all,
Sarah Olson

Anonymous said...

Hello Prim, So you are cute and funny!!
Somehow, I have a feeling that try as you may, you are not going to win this battle. You see, the love that your Mummy and Daddy, and your handsome big brother, have for you, will hold on to you tightly forever and never let go now! Pretty soon you will see this, and then you will be holding on to them just as tightly. You are a brave and wonderful little girl, whom so many have waited for so long to see you united with your forever family, and now finally you are all together!! I can't wait to hear about your thoughts on Hua Hin and all the love that is going to be following you there too!! BTW, Keep smiling, it is contagious!

~ Sharon, Mike and Nong Ex

Anonymous said...

These postings are so guys should really consider continuing to write once you return home, maybe every other day or so. In a year, I think you'd have a very publishable book on your hands - a journal of your experiences that would really help other families who are going through the adoption process or considering it! Love, Lynn

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