Sunday, July 29, 2007

Last Post from Thailand

Tomorrow we head back to Bangkok to stay overnight and then leave early Wednesday morning. I'm excited to get home, hotel life is growing old although we love Hua Hin. Prim had a rough night last night so hopefully we can both nap today. Last night we went to a great market to buy a few trinkets but all in all our shopping experience has been pretty non existent. It was nice to see the night life and the kids love riding on the Tuk Tuks out in town. If you can believe it we ate at a Sizzler last night and then had Dairy Queen for dessert-the highlight of my culinary experience for the day. You know whne you haven't had something in so long and you taste it and it is SO GOOD!! That was my DQ ice cream last night. I don't think that Prim is used to eating such cold food, she got a funny look on her face but like any red blooded American child could not stay away and loved the cone the most.
We played on the beach for a while and she seeemed to enjoy it much more this time. The ocean was like bath water and she plopped herself down and made herself at home. Prim has no fear and kept going out further into the water, falling over and laughing while I was trying to drag her back and keep my camera dry. She's a wild woman and H and I refer to her as a one woman wrecking machine. Everything she touches ends up broken, on the floor or in some form of dissaray. Welcome to toddlerhood....again:) See you in the States.


Hannah said...

Travel safe! I hope the plane ride goes well and can't wait to hear from you when you arrive home!

TJ and Sarah said...

Have a safe trip home! It will feel wonderful to be in your own home again. Prim looks like she is a perfect fit for your family. Your son seems to have taken his "big brother" roll very seriously! Congratulations once again and we all look forward to hearing from you once you have settled in your home as a family of 4!!
Sarah (Holt Forum Friend!)

dwake95 said...


Rich told me about your adoption, and pointed me to the blog site. I am very excited for you. My wife was adopted through Holt from Korea, when she was about 1, and we actually have been to a Holt info session to see about returning the favor that my in-laws did for me and you are doing for all the people who will have the chance to meet your wonderful daughter. Congratulations, and give me a call when you get home.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you are all home safe and sound by now. I hope the journey went well and Prim continues her adjustment. I am so impressed with the photo's of G with her, he really is so adorable in his gentleness. It is wonderful that they have each other and now thay have so much to look forward to together! You all do, and I can't wait to see new photo's of the 'new' family!!
Congratulations!!! You did it!!!


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