Monday, July 09, 2007


Well, I'm happy to say that our first two bags are packed!! Last night I stayed up forever doing the Drive Thru 4 Smiles toys and packing them in a large suitcase. I think I have about 200 toys to bring for the children in foster care and at the orphanges!! I'm really psyched about that.
Today I spent the afternoon preparing, wrapping and organizing all of the gifts that we are bringing for the Holt Staff and foster family. I couldn't wrap everything so I have bright yellow and pink bags to put gifts in as well. A huge thanks to my mom and dad for buying such thoughtful gifts for the family. It really means alot to know that it's not just us who are thinking of them. My girlfriend, Meredith, also gave me a bunch of MaryKay lipstick and nail polish for the foster mom. I hope we haven't gone overboard but I really wanted to spoil them. It's the least we can do for all that they have done for us....
Hung has gotten all of the paperwork together in file and I've gotten some snacks to entice our little girl with when we meet. Bribery works always right? If Cheerios and fruit snacks don't get us anywhere I'm ready to use chocolate:)
G is getting so excited although his behavior is not very desirable right now. He's really into this pouty, cross-his-arms, stomp his feet mode. Ugh. Tennis was not pleasant for me today. Many, many hissy fits and melt downs. Maybe it's the trip. Maybe it's a phase. Let's hope it ends in ten days:)

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