Thursday, August 12, 2010



Happy Mother's Day to a girl far away from here.  I am watching our daughter play with her new Barbie right now, deep in concentration as she combs the long blond hair just so.  She is growing into such a big girl, you wouldn't believe how much she resembles you.  Especially those feet. 

Oh those feet! Every time I look at them, tickle them, marvel at their stomping power I think of you.  I remember when we received the first picture of our little girl, I took one look at those long feet that ended in longer toes and I thought to myself surely they are the biggest and ugliest feet on a child I had ever seen.  And sure enough, the shoes that I had so carefully chosen, packed and carried thousands of miles across the ocean did not fit those toddler feet. 

We are blessed to have two pictures of you holding our baby.  She was only a month old, you a child yourself, and what struck me first was your somber face.  What you must have been thinking while you stood there in front of a camera to document the day you let her go.  After looking at your face and trying to discern the expression in your eyes I quickly moved to the bottom of the picture and gasped as I thought, "My gosh! Those feet!!".   I remember that it made me smile.  I love that she will one day look at this picture of you two together and think that she has feet just like yours.  That she shares something so pronounced with her mother.

Our daughter is beautiful.  She had the biggest brown eyes, the sweetest smile and this little athletic body all carried by my favorite part of her.  Her feet.  I pray one day these feet will carry her toward her dream.  I pray that the feet that mirror yours will direct her towards a peace and faith in God and eventually a family of her own.

And maybe one day, those feet will carry her back to you....


Wendy said...

That was ABSOLUTELY beautiful, April. I cried through the whole thing. Thai Mother's Day is the day we left Thailand to bring Lily home.

Mireille said...

I totally agree with Wendy! Such beautiful words!! How great to have at least 2 photos of her, that is precious!!

Brazenlilly said...

Beautiful, powerful stuff. So honoring to P & her first mom. You set a good example, friend. Also? You are 2 for 2 on blog posts that are making me do the "ugly cry." Thanks a lot. ;)

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