Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Our First Week Home

Today is officially the end of our first week home from Thailand. It's unbelievable that we have been there and back and put it behind us. After all of the worrying, all of the preparing and excitement, it came and went and life-as always-goes on. I think after some weeks have passed I will really take the time to sit and reflect on what we've all been through. I will think more about our time in Thailand and with Prim's foster family. I will reflect a bit more on our first few days with our new daughter and most likely begin to compare her beginnings with her growing.
For now, however, we are just trying to get through the day. H is so busy with school, putting in late nights to study and long days to finish make up quizzes, labs and tests. I am trying to stay sane with two children who desperately need my undivided attention, all the while trying to find the small miracles in our time together.
G had a good day today. Very little acting out and a better attitude all around toward his sister. He left us for a while to have a play date and I took advantage of the time and took Prim shopping for a new stroller. It was guilt fully joyful to have her to myself, and I loved making her smile as we strolled up and down the aisles of Target.
When we returned home and picked up G, the smile on his face and my renewed energy put us both on better footing and the rest of our day went smoothly.
Nap time came and both of the kids went down without a fuss and Prim woke once crying only to fall asleep a few minutes later. Her nights are very difficult and last night was very long for the both of us. My neighbor who adopted an older child from Russia wondered if she is experiencing night terrors as a result of the stress. G has never experienced night terrors and has only had two bad dreams that I can think of in his 4 1/2 years so I may need to do some reading. I do know that when she cries at night it comes on very suddenly, she seems to still be sleeping and she reaches out with her hands while calling out for "mom" in Thai. There are times when I can not calm her and she will stop as suddenly as she's started. Maybe it's night terrors, maybe it's grieving. I think it's just too early to say. You would never believe that she has such difficult nights because of her sweet and happy disposition during the day.
So far she rarely cries and needs to be held less. The latter is not something I'm looking for her to stop but she is confident in the house as long as she can see me, and it is obvious that she was very independent prior to being with us. Already she is used to our routine and keeps me on my toes. This morning I took too long to get her dressed so she went into her and G's room, grabbed her jeans that were in a clean laundry pile and brought them to me in the bathroom. have an audience again while in the loo. If I'm lucky G is wondering what Prim is doing who is busy looking at what I'm doing or trying to hand me toilet paper in the bathroom. Then I have four eyes staring at me in earnest concentration as I politely lecture on privacy in the 21st century.
Today after nap time Prim was like a toddler spiked with Pixie sticks and waved and blew kisses to everyone she saw in the neighborhood. She also yelled "YEAH!!" to anything that seemed exciting to her, including my friend's two year old daughter who fell flat on her face on the side walk. Our next bathroom session together will cover Compassion 101 and Curbing Your Enthusiasm During Times of Distress.
She was bitten today by another toddler and only seemed mildly offended. She has already rolled off of our bed, fallen down a few stairs and given herself rug burn all the while picking herself up and dusting herself off. I love her spunk and her willingness to try new things and can't wait to see how she grows and matures with each passing day.
Tomorrow I hope for an even better day than today, even if it is only for me to be more thankful, more prayerful, more willing to look up instead of down.

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Anonymous said...

Our pediatrician thought Will might be having night terrors last winter but I did some research and realized that was definitely not it. But from my research, it totally sounds like Prim IS having them. Good info on, if I'm remembering correctly, on the differences between night terrors and other night issues. Sounds like she's adapting so well! I'm so happy to hear this. And what an encouraging day you had yesterday. I really cannot wait to meet her and to see G again! Love, Lynn

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