Thursday, August 09, 2007

Contemplating the Cone

I'm happy to report that last night Prim slept through the night without crying!! I hope that it's the beginning of a more comfortable period in her transition but realistically I know it may go back and forth for some time. After much needed help my friend Sarah was kind enough to come over and reassemble our baby crib to make it higher and take the front off. I wanted it to be like a co-sleeper and place it on my side of the bed so she was still next to me but not technically in bed with us. She was starting to lay her head on H's pillow and refuse to move in her own silent protest of him being in bed with us (or at least that's what I understood when she looked at me in that tone of voice). Since I'm a very light sleeper I've been having a hard time sleeping even when she is in a deep sleep so this is my solution.
Of course she objected initially when I showed her "Prim's bed!!" with all the excitement of a sweepstakes winner. She shook her head no (she is so very good at that) and laid her head on H's pillow. I asked her if she wanted milk and held up the bottle for her to see and said "mmmm...yummy". She smiled and shook her head 'yes' saying milk and reaching for it and I pointed to her bed and shrugged my shoulders. I know my daughter is only 21 months old but she is already under instruction to master the art of negotiation. She didn't even hesitate and crawled right into the crib, I gave her the bottle, stroked her arm and that was it. Mommy 1 Toddler 0.
G was better today although most of his waking moments were spent tattling on his little sister. Of course he didn't say a word when she stuck the magnetic's silver ball in her mouth for a taste test. H had to pry it out while scolding her and saying "no mouth!!". All I heard was wailing and when she thought she would get simpathy from me I told her "no mouth" and she promptly threw herself on the bed face down and refused to look at anyone. I wondered how long it would take for her to be flat on her face on a pillow before she needed air and was about to set my timer when she popped up, gave us a dirty look and was on her way to accepting us into her good graces again. Is this what they mean by girls are so different than boys?


Glen and Andrea said...

The co-sleeping but still in her own bed is a fantastic idea. We have been told in our adoption/attachment classes that it is so important for them to sleep right next to us for quite a while and then very slowly transition them to their own room over several months. I had thought of taking the side off the cot too. And they are only little for such a short time, enjoy every minute.

maxhelcal said...

Wow, I can't beleive your little Prim is finally home! She looks great! So happy for you! I loved all your pictures!


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