Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Repost at Grown in My Heart

Follow me here at GIMH for a recent post in honor of national adoption month.  While I received some scathing comments in response to my post, I couldn't be more proud of our family and honored to be raising such a special little girl.

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Wendy said...


I read your post, but I'm not going to comment at the source. For obvious reasons. The vitriol and hate that is spewed by certain individuals when an adoptive parent opens her mouth, no matter how well intentioned, is completely uncalled for. What I would like is for my happy, self confident, very much her own person, adult daughter to give them all a piece of her VERY opinionated mind. Except I think she might bitch slap anyone who called her an adoptling.

Good for you for holding your ground.

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