Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Just a quick update-it's been forever! We are awaiting our final paperwork from Thaialnd so we can go to family court here and make the adoption final! We will very excited to have this process finished. The past month has been a whirlwind. My parents flew to AZ where we met up for my cousin's wedding. It was so good to see them and have them meet Prim for the first time. She also got to meet alot of extended family as well. My parents drove home with us and spent another week and a half with us. My kids had a blast with their grandparents. I'm including some pictures of our trip together!


Anonymous said...


I have been watching your blog since you got your referral! Now it is finally our turn! We leave for Thailand on May 17 and will hit the May 28 board meeting. I have noticed that you have been continuing to call her Prim in your blog and am dying to find out if you kept her name!

Amy Holland
Boston, MA

the kettrick family said...

Yeah!! Glad to see more pictures! I check all the time

April said...

Prim is a nickname given to her by her birth mother. I use it in the blog along with the first initial of everyone instead of using full names for privacy reasons. If you notice I'm also not specific about where we live as well. There are some kooky people out there!!!
Although Prim has been home for eight months she continues to refer to herself as such instead of the name that we have given her. She started doing that in December!! We think it's wild! One day she looked at a picture of herself and said "Daddy-look Prim!!!!" Ever since then that is how she refers to herself. For such a young girl she still remembers the emotion behind the experience. It's amazing how much they retain. Best of luck to you and many blessings on your trip. If you'd like to get in touch with me please email me at caoapril@yahoo.com.:)

Hannah said...

April - I was just looking back in my blog and realizing how far we've come . I'm so happy to see new pictures and an update from you!
take care!

JuJu - said...

We are the McKenzie Crew-
we have a Thai princess named Abby Grace - she is one.

I would love to know another family with a little Thai angel:):)

Julia MCKenzie

Chris & Rindy Eakle said...


I love your blog! What an inspiration. Both your children are beautfiul. My husband and I have recently found out that we cannot have children of our own, and have decided to adopt from Thailand. We meet with our social worker for the first time this next week. I am really anxious with anticipation. We our hoping to get a little girl. How long was the process for your family? Is there anything I might need to know that would help out with our journey. My blog is ChrisRindy.blogspot.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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