Saturday, February 16, 2008

Six Months in Love

I can't believe that six months have passed since Prim has been home. It's been an extraordinary journey so far with a little girl who has come to claim my heart with her beautiful smiles and strong spirit. We have gone from no sleep and frustration to sleeping through most of the night in her own bed while sharing a room with G. She is still a huge mamma's girl and you can often find her in the throws of temper tantrums when daddy takes her up for bath time and mommy stays downstairs. She LOVES life. Her laugh is infectious and she has the manners of a 10 year old. Every night when we've sat down for dinner and started eating she says "thank you mommy" for her food. It's so great and so very sweet. G has blossomed into a big brother that anyone would love to have. Don't get me wrong-they argue and whine and tattle but G is the first to take Prim's hand and guide her. They play crazy made-up games that involve the pillows and covers from my bed and lots of stuffed animals. They jump on their new trampoline for hours and have learned to make each other "pop" up high by one sitting down and the other jumping as high as they can and landing on their bottom.
I can't believe how the time has flown, especially because it felt like we would never get here. I remember how apprehensive I was to be bringing a toddler home and now I am so thankful how close G & Prim are in age. God's hand was on every part of this chapter in our lives and I know He will continue to guide us as we go forward.


Hannah said...

Hey!!! I've been waiting for an update! That's so great - isn't it amazing how fast things transform? Glad to hear things are great there.

Anonymous said...

Your family is beautiful. It looks like she has been with you always. She has such a bright sparkle in her eyes and I can see how happy everyone is!

Jay and Chandra Regan said...

So glad to follow your journey. God is good!

Anonymous said...

Hey April,

Happy belated birthday. I had about five reminders on my outlook but still managed to miss it. Hope it was a good one, and I'm glad to see your blog update.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and it give me tons of great hopes in this very sleepless nights- and we only been home for 3 days!

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