Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Service Star from Heart on Your Wrist

I had the pleasure of collaborating with one of my FAVORITE online stores, heartonyourwrist.com to design a piece of jewelry honoring men and women serving in our armed forces who are deployed all over the world.

My concept of a wearable, fashionable and simple Service Star to show pride for my husband currently deployed to Iraq, was turned into this beautiful sterling silver necklace thanks to Beth and her company's commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Please consider this as a gift for friends or family who have loved ones who serve our country past or present.  Each necklace can hold up to three stars for multiple loved ones serving in harms way.

Thank you Beth for this amazing opportunity!

For everyone who orders from seeing this post please enter the coupon code STARS10 at checkout and receive 10% off your order!


Wendy said...


You are amazing! that is so lovely!

April said...

Thank You Wendy!!!
Beth was wonderful and I love this company-I have a necklace with the kid's names and LOVE it!!! It's my favorite place to send special gifts from :)

Anonymous said...

ohhhh wonderful wonderful idea and design

Wendy said...

I haven't checked out the company yet, but I wonder if they'd do the kids names in Thai????

Wendy said...

Don't know if you are going to check the comments from my blog today to see my response to you, so I thought I'd it leave on here.

I am just sobbing my eyes out reading your comments. Thank you so much my wonderful, dear friend! I love you to death! I am so glad we are connected forever through our girls!

Wyndee said...

How beautiful!

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