Saturday, November 17, 2007

Writing for Peanuts

So writing has always been a love of mine and I often dream of publishing one day in the far, far future. After lots of encouragement I've decided to start in the public forum and write for the website It's a public site where anyone from novices (me!) to professionals can write simple articles on anything "How To". The bonus to this is that it's a great way for me to JUST WRITE. It's not very creative but hopefully will get me into the habit of writing a few times a week. The other thing is that you can earn money depending on how often your article is read and how popular it is. This is my shameless way of telling you to ready my stuff!! Leave feedback and comments, I'd love to hear from you!
I will probably focus on parenting/adoption issues in the hopes that it will actually help someone in cyberworld. My member name is "AprilinParis" so you can look me up that way or search for the two articles I've already written on "How to Encourage a Strong Sibling Relationship" or "How to help Children memorize Bible Verses".

My little girl is turning two in just four short days. I can't believe it and am just amazed by how quickly time has gone by. Things here are good. Prim has a bit of an ear infection so is on antibiotics for the second time since being home. She delights in being in public or with a large group of people and is the least satisfied just being at home. Often times I struggle with frustration-she is incredibly strong willed and cries often. On the flip side her smile lights up the room and I delight in having a daughter. Ahhh, life with a toddler:) I will post pics of her birthday sometime next week. I am going to bake an Elmo cake!! Wish me luck!

PS-A family in our church and who is a military family in our neighborhood (just like us!) is going through a difficult time since returning home with their one daughter from Vietnam having to leave another behind. Please read their website!

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Anonymous said...

Great seeing you today at Shoreline. Your daughter is a sweet, beautiful girl. Thanks so much for your prayers over our family. May your family continue to be blessed... Claude

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