Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day Dreaming

When I day dream about Prim being here (which is often yet never while driving) I too often think in pinks and purples and shoe sizes. I wonder if her hair will be long enough to put in bows and if not, how I can get them to stay anyway. I look on all kinds of websites, looking at clothes and shoes and just waiting for her next update to have a better idea of her size. I even ponder if they have a STOP HILLARY tshirt in her size to match mine. I can't wait for the girly things that automatically come with having a daughter. Dolls, easy bake oven, sparkly finger nail polish and tiny earrings. I already have her "style" in mind from seeing her pictures and I see her as a purple (my mom will be thrilled), bright colors and hip little girl with attitude!


veraz said...

I love your Blog; keep up the good work. BTW where can I get that T shirt? I think I will need a couple because I would wear it everyday. Love, Vera

Our Family said...

Hi Vera! Thanks for reading. If you're talking about the striped one, it's actually a dress for little ones. I think they may have tshirts as well for women. Old Navy online is the place to start!! Love, April

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